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Pensions and Benefits

Pensions and Benefits

As Israeli regulatory changes continue to alter the pension and benefits landscape, companies with operations in Israel require the right sustainable solution for their local employee pension and benefits programs.

As an Aon Hewitt Alliance member, AKT’s Pension and Benefits Consulting team provide our clients with focused solutions for regulatory compliance, benchmark local market data, and optimization of their benefits spend.


Get the Big “Local” Picture

We perform detail audits of our client’s pension or benefits programs. We deep dive into each detail examining it from a regulatory, cost, market and employer/employee point-of-view. This helps shape a client’s program design, to ensure pension and benefits provision is affordable, self-sustaining and relevant to their specific workforce.

Our Solutions

We provide market leading consultancy to plan, design, execute and deliver a Pension and/or Benefits strategy. Our consultants are multi-disciplined and specialists across all retirement and benefits areas. With years of aggregated experience and expertise, we provide the following solutions:



  • Pension Audit:  Conducting a complete pension program audit, including analysing and identifying issues in fund administration, employee payment schemes, employer and employee cost structures, and compliance to local legislation.
  • Pensions Tender:  Sourcing the most competitive pension arrangement and vendor management solution for clients and their employees.
  • Pensions Monitoring and Supervision Retainer:  Helping to manage the on-going maintenance of pension arrangements and keeping clients informed of legislative and market changes.


Broad Benefits

  • Benefits Review: Conducting a complete benefits review against both statutory laws and market variables.


Health Insurance

  • Health Insurance Tender: Sourcing the most competitive health cover solution and helping clients implement the winning contract within their organizations.
  • Health Insurance Monitoring Retainer: Providing ongoing monitoring and measurement of claims and claim settlements to keep clients informed of emerging trends, risks and opportunities.


Working with AKT means being able to get the complete picture if your employee pension and benefits program is relevant, compliant, competitive and cost-effective, and to create one that is!

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